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Interesting History

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein

Among Topics Explored

  • Agriculture

  • Ancient Civilization

  • Animals of the World

  • The Crusades

  • Dynasties

  • Energy Use & Innovation

  • Hall of Fame of Parachuting

  • History of Arizona

  • History of Aviation

  • History of California

  • History of the Foreign Legion

  • History of the USA

  • Hundred Years War

  • Inventions (coming soon)

  • Korean War Memorial

  • Last Invasion of the U.S.

  • Languages

  • The Middle Ages

  • Navigation

  • The Oceans

  • Our Galaxy

  • Planet Earth

  • The Renaissance

  • The Roman Empire

  • Time Keeping

  • Vikings

  • Witch Hunting

  • World Religions

We recently made a field trip to Yuma, Arizona and stopped at Felicity town … it was a wonderful experience for the students. They used butcher paper to trace on top of their favorite granite passage. We had a warm welcome from our host and his wife who were expecting us. We are planning to make this trip every year based on the subjects we are teaching, US History and World History. We want students to have a hands-on experience with this legacy. It was just overwhelming ….

TeacherColegio Anglo Americano

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