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A Modern Day Time Capsule

Aerial of the History of Humanity in Granite Red Missouri Granite monuments, the pyramid at the Center of the World, the United States Postal Office of Felicity, California, and the museum shop

The Monuments

The History of Humanity

Among A Host of Subjects

  • Time Keeping

  • Evolution of Mankind

  • The Crusades

  • Dynasties

  • Energy Use & Innovation

  • Hundred Years War

  • Languages

  • The Middle Ages

  • Navigation

  • Philosophy

  • The Renaissance

  • The Roman Empire

  • World Religions

  • Numbers

  • Early Music

In trust that this summary of human achievement and failure will encourage study of the past, thought for the future, and resolve for virtue. In hope that the human race will endure far longer than this stone.

Jacques-André Istel

History of Humanity in Granite Rosetta Stone etched with multiple languages in front of the Hill of Prayer and the Church on the Hill

The Felicity Stone

American History Monuments

Missouri Red granite monument etched with the History of the California and the History of Arizona with the Church on the Hill in the background

State History

The History of Arizona was dedicated in 2010 on Statehood Day (February 14) and donated to the State of Arizona with the Deed of Gift read in the Senate. The History of California was dedicated in 2016. Close to the state border, the monument is an interesting resource for students and educators.
Missouri Red granite monument etched with the History of the United States of America and a flag with the 13 original colonies

History of the USA

The History of the United States of America was dedicated in 2014 on February 22 - George Washington’s birthday. The monument received a written A+ from the Director of the Council for International Teaching and Research at Princeton University, past Chair Department of History.

Aviation Monuments

Close-up on the Missouri Red granite monument dedicated to the Hall of Fame of Parachuting

Hall of Fame of Parachuting

Established in 1973, the Parachuting Hall of Fame honors individuals and organizations. It celebrates the versatile parachute whose functions include THE SAVING OF LIFE, EXPLORATION, MILITARY MISSIONS, FIRE FIGHTING, AERIAL DELIVERY and SPORT.
Missouri Red granite monument covering the history of French aviation at the History of Humanity in Granite

History of French Aviation

The first balloon and first human flight in 1783 were French - as were the first seaplane, helicopter, dirigible and airport. This history caused France to invite the Wright brothers, then largely ignored at home, and buy their airplanes. Eight pilot licenses were issued by France in 1909 - two of which were for Wilbur and Orville Wright!

The History of French Aviation won a European Air & Space Medal in 2003, and in 2008 the monument was gifted to France. Consul Philippe Larrieu in presence of Ambassador Jean-Marie Daillet accepted the honor on behalf of the French government: “In touching the monument, visitors touch France.”

Military Monuments

History of Humanity in Granite Missouri Red granite United States Marine Corps Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

In 1997, the fiasco of a never-built monument intended for veterans prompted the founder to build a 100-foot granite Marine Corps Korean War Memorial.

Engraved is a brief history of the Korean War, as well as the names of the 4,617 Marines and 107 Navy Corpsmen who died in the conflict. Each name is accompanied with rank and note of Navy Cross and Medal of Honor awards where applicable.

The Memorial was dedicated in 1998 by General Raymond G. Davis, USMC, Medal of Honor, in the presence of dignitaries, a Marine Corps Band and the entire Company C of the Fifth Marine Regiment, heroic in action during the war.

History of Humanity in Granite Missouri Red granite monument inscribed with French with the pyramid at the Center of the World in the background

The French Foreign Legion

In 2003, a monument was dedicated to the Foreign Legion, “whose Code of Honor is its heart and soul, and whose hallmark is legendary bravery …”. This small elite volunteer unit is composed mainly of foreigners, most of whom served under a false name.

Any member of the Foreign Legion who keeps a clean record and survives 20 years of dangerous missions, is granted French citizenship with past transgressions expunged. Together with the Legion’s illustrious record, the concept of redemption through danger and suffering is worth a monument.

A man in a red shirt kneels next to the Felicity Stone with a smart tablet charting out the sizes of the inscriptions

Creating A Monument

Unless we destroy ourselves, or succumb to a cosmic accident, our destiny should be set on a path to the stars.

Jacques-André Istel

Two individuals in protective head gear use sandblasters to etch into a Missouri Red granite monument at the History of Humanity in Granite

A Feat of Engineering

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